The Flatmates--Episode 5

Episode 5:     Helen at home

?Helen:          Hello
Mum:             Hello? Helen? It's mum here. How are you my dear? Studying hard? You know how much your degree means to your father and me
Helen:            I was studying before you phoned me! Listen, I need your advice. I'm in love! But he doesn't even notice me. He only has eyes for Alice. What can I do?huh
Mum:             Love? Love! There's plenty of time for that later. Get your head out of the clouds and back into your books. Do you hear me?
Helen:            Yes, yes mum

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?Will Helen do what her mum told her to


I dont think so. I think she's fallen in love and will turn a deaf ear to her mother.

I think she will try to listen to her mother

Thanks for the episodes

محمد صادق
I agree with maryam