The Flatmates--Episode 6

Episode 6:     Breakfast time

Tim:      Morning, campers
Alice:    Ooh, not so loud, my head's killing me
Michal:  I'm feel awful too. I've got a pain stomach. My head hurts
Tim:     Welcome to your first British hangover Michal! What you need now is a good fry-up
?Alice:   Bleugh! Oh, morning Helen. You look as bad as I feel. Have you been crying
Helen:  No, no of course not. Just burning the midnight oil studying, studying, studying
?Tim:     So, who's for eggs, beans and toast
Alice:   Urgh! You really are a pain in the neck sometimes Tim

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???Which one of Michal's sentences is correct

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hahahaaaaa none of them !

فقط یک جمله غلط بود که گفت: I'm feel awful too.