The Flatmates--Episode 9

Episode 9:     The favour

?Michal:   I'm going to see a film tonight. Will anyone like to come with me
.Alice:     Oh I'd love to Michal but I have to iron all these shirts for Tim
.Helen:    Look, why don't you go with Michal and I'll iron the shirts
.Michal:  Oh Helen, that's so kind of you
?Alice:     But don't you want to go to the cinema too
Helen:    Yes but I need to study. I'll do the shirts, phone the landlord about keeping the cat and then I'll hit the books
!Alice:     Oh thanks, we owe you. Bye
!Michal:  Bye
.Helen:    Oh Cat! What could I do? They seem made for each other

New Terms: To hit the books: To start studying them

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?Question: Which one of Michal's sentences is incorrect


Great !!!