The Flatmates--Episode 11

Episode 11: Phoning the landlord

Helen:    Hi, dad it's Helen
?Dad:      Hello my dear, how are you
Helen:    Studying hard as ever, dad. Can I ask you something as our landlord? Our lease says that we're not allowed animals in the flat. Well, is there a way that we could get around that? You see, Alice found this kitten and everyone really wants to keep her
?Dad:     You have a cat in my flat? Oh Helen, why can't you ever obey the rules
?Helen:   Oh dad! Please, won't you bend them for me
Dad:     Well
Helen:   Please
Dad:     Just this once
Tim:      Kitty, did you hear what I just heard? She called the landlord "dad". What a dark horse Helen is

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?Question: Will Tim tell the other flatmates that the landlord is Helen's dad

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