The Flatmates--Episode 13

Episode 13: Tim spills the beans

?Tim:    So how was the cinema for you two love birds
!Alice:  How many times do I have to say this - that wasn't a date
?Tim:    Whoa, easy tiger! Hey this'll put a smile on your face. Guess who our landlord is
Alice:  How should I know? We give the money to Helen and she always sends off the cheque
Tim:     Go on, guess
!Alice:  Tom Cruise, the man in the moon, no idea
!Tim:    It's Helen's dad
?Alice:   Helen's dad! No way! Why would she keep that a secret
?Helen:  I'm just putting the kettle on. Anyone fancy a cuppa

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New Ter

Easy tiger: It means "calm down
Landlord: A person who rents a building

?Question:  Who should tell Helen they know about her secret