The Flatmates--Episode 20

Episode 20: A date by the river

Helen:     Oh Michal, that river cruise was fantastic
Michal:     It was lovely seeing all those famous buildings, wasn't it
Helen:     Yes, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye all looked so impressive in the winter light, didn't they
Michal     You look lovely in the winter light too you know
Helen:     Oh Michal, you're so sweet
Michal:     It's true. You're beautiful Helen
Helen:     You're quite a hunk yourself, you know
Michal:     That might be true but suddenly I'm feeling a little sea-sick
Helen:     You do look a bit green. You're not going to throw up, are you
Michal:     Oh yes, I don't feel well. I think I'm going to be sick
Helen:      Was it something I said

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