The Flatmates--Episode 22

Episode 22: Christmas lunch

?Alice:    OK, who's for turkey and all the trimmings
All:        Me
Helen:   Let's pull the crackers first! Michal pull one with me. Alice, you pull one with Tim
Tim:       OK, here goes
!Helen:   I won
!Tim:       Ah so did I
?Michal: What did you get
Helen:   A hat, a key-ring and a joke. Are you ready? OK "What do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator?
!All:        We don't know
!"Helen:  "Cool music
Tim:  Ha ha very funny! Right, ready for another one? "What did one dolphin say to the other one?"
!All:       We don't know
Tim:      "You did that on porpoise
!All:       Awh! Merry Christmas

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?What is a Christmas Cracker

A Christmas Cracker is a brightly coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends. A person pulls on each end of the cracker and when the cracker breaks, a small chemical strip goes “Pop” and the contents fall out.

?Question: Did you understand the meaning of the two jokes

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