Three Words You Mispronounce

There are always some words that the English learners mispronounce. The reason might be that those words look either too simple to be looked up in a dictionary, or just has been pronounced that way by everyone else around the learner

:Let’s check out the three words most of you probably mispronounce

?No, it is not pronounced AI-REN, the right pronunciation would be: /īərn/ surprised huh

It might seem obvious that this word is pronounced like the way ‘trailer’ or ‘sailor’ are pronounced…well, that is wrong because the correct pronunciation of prayer would be: /prer/ in American and /preər/ in British English, just like the way ‘bear’ or ‘air’ are pronounced

This word is pronounced differently than the word ‘south’. The right pronunciation would be: /’sʌðərn

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