The Flatmates--Episode 27

Episode 27: The hungry cat

    I don't believe it! Kitty's just eaten my dinner. I was putting the kettle on and I turned round and there she was, eating my chicken. That cat's a pain in the neck
!Alice:  Oh calm down
Tim:     It drives me mad! I'm starving, I've been slaving away in that dusty old stockroom all day. I hate work just now and then this happens! The cat's got to go or be put down
Helen:  Don't be horrible. You can buy something else to eat
!Tim:     We're not all as rich as you, you know, daddy's girl
Helen:  How dare you Tim! I didn't eat your chicken. You drive me up the wall sometimes
Alice:   Hey guys, chill out

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I like Helen only ;)

dge kalamato nemizarin?

مرسی فایل صوتی عالیه .