The Flatmates--Episode 32

Episode 32: Baby talk

Dr. Laver:  Okay, well in this room we monitor the babies overnight. Now, the important thing is to talk to them
?Alice:         Talk to them? What do I say
Dr. Laver:  Well, watch me. Hello, you are a handsome boy aren't you? You're gorgeous. Now you try. Speak to the baby next to you
Alice:         Oh, okay. Hello little one! Who's a handsome boy then
:Dr. Laver:  Erm, that's a girl
Alice:         Oh! Who's a pretty little girl? What a lovely smile! Aren't you lovely? Oh, oh, oh
Dr. Laver:  Excellent, excellent - you're a natural. You'll make a very good nurse here and a lovely mother one day I'm sure

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