The Flatmates--Episode 37

The Flatmates--Episode 37

Episode 37: The interview

?Interviewer:     How long have you been working at McCarthy's
Tim:                   For the last 3 years
?Interviewer:     And have you always worked in retail
Tim:                  Yes I have. In fact ever since I was young I've been interested in commerce. My first job was in a newsagent's when I was still at school.
:?Interviewer     I see, and what are your strengths and weaknesses
Tim                 Well, some might say I'm a little head-strong. I do leap into projects and sometimes my enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming. My strengths? I'm a great team-player. For example, when the stockroom was understaffed recently, I jumped at the chance to help out
Interviewer     Lovely. Well thank you for coming in today. We'll be in touch very soon

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