The Flatmates--Episode 38

Episode 38: A chat with the professor

?Prof. Lewis:  Come in Helen, sit down. Now how are you
:Helen:           Fine really. Honestly, I'm fine
:Prof. Lewis:  Are you? That's not what your marks are saying to me. They tell a very different story. You failed this mid-term test quite badly. Even John, who seems to do no work at all in class, managed to do so much better than you
Helen:    Humph
?Prof. Lewis:  Is there something you want to talk about
:Helen:           No, it's nothing
Prof. Lewis:  You and John just don't seem as close as you used to be. Is there something wrong
Helen:         No, it's just that..Oh I don't know
?Prof. Lewis : Helen, I'm here to help. Now why don't you just tell me what's on your mind


?Do you think Helen would tell the truth

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