The Four Steps of Manifestation

Forget about all the hype you get day by day. People who go around and tell you they know exactly how to attract what they like and would "sell" the secret to you. Very tempting, but no. Here I will reveal the one and only stuff that you need to know and to use in order to attract what you desire. All for free

Step 1: Be grateful

The first step to getting what you want is to simply feel grateful as much as you can. Not just verbally, you really have to look around yourself and feel it and then when your emotions are ready, say the words. Say you're grateful and thank for all you have. This is the most important thing you could ever do in your life. With this simple tactic alone, you will feel the real happiness in no time. It would actually make you feel so content and satisfied that you would no longer need anything more to complete your happiness

Step 2: Decide what you want

After you've already felt the great emotion of being totally content, you can go on and just pick something and decide that you would like to have that thing. You just have to be completely clear about what you want. The more details you put, the better and faster you'll be rewarded

Step 3: Feel like you already have it

Then you should get the feeling that you already own that thing or whatever else that is. Remember the feeling is really important. No imagination would do the trick as long as you don't feel it. Just like the first step you should actually feel as if not only you have that thing but also you are actually grateful for it. Here the feeling should be real. Don't push yourself. Give yourself some time and when the feeling came, then go for the next step

Step 4: Let it go

Now all you need to do is to let it go. Just like you don't really need it. Forget about, and whenever you remembered it just smile and try to let it go

These are the only real steps you need to take to get what you want. All the other 'tricks' and magic people want to sell are just a means and not what you really need to do.

These are the exact steps I take to get what I want, and every time it works. So I just recommend you to try them for some time(for real) and then go back to searching for those masters of the law of attraction and what they've got to sell

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