Top 4 Ways to Rank Better In Alexa
Since the rankings in Alexa are considered one of the top ways to evaluate a website, many webmasters try to find better ways to improve their rankings in Alexa

Through trial and error and some more experiment I have come to this conclusion that these few tips would certainly affect Alexa rankings

Write an article about Alexa-

You might want to consider writing something about Alexa because that has proved to be effective. You can choose a part of that website or two and write an article describing its usage. Try linking to Alexa in your article so that it would be more effective

Find a way to make your visitors stay longer-
Alexa rankings have changed during these past months and now it is closer than the way Google ranks websites. So quality matters. Try to offer visitors something to stay

Try to get more links to your website-

This can be achieved through many ways. For example you can comment on other blogs and include a link to your website or you can sign up in forums and use a link to your website as your signature. Twitter and Facebook and other social networks are among the options too

Keep your blog active-

I’ve noticed that even though my visitors increase, still I don’t experience any improvement of Alexa. However on days that I post a lot and share it everywhere I can, I see Alexa rankings change and get better

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